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Slayer is still an old skool Amiga zealot and I say that as NO disrespect because he has tirelessly supported & defended Amiga against many opposing threads & discusions.

For many of us still actually use physical Amiga machines as opposed to EMU it's a difficult task to have faith in anything but third party development for the bridge between classic-ppc & A1 machines.

Many like myself who are using PPC Amiga's could be said to have abandoned classic Amiga but for tasks other than gaming it's unrealistic timewise to full time try use the old platform

Like the A1 itself that was many years on the drawing board before it became a saleable item OS4 has arrived after its projected release date too.

In the meantime the world has not stopped & for many EMU has become the replacement, changing the tide of belief is a hard thing to do, so if there are NEW developments EAB needs to know ...otherwise there is little point of its exhistance.

The board as a whole supports many LIVING Amiga projects so to say has abandoned REAL Amiga is inacurate, however Slayer is as entitled to pass his opinion on the matter as you are in raising this thread in the 1st place.
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