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Well, I for one, Mikey, cares..... but then again, I'm prolly a stupid geek :P

No for real......I would think, Hyperion being a small company, they might have like five, maybe ten coders......which is put to wrok on porting games AND the OS AND updating the OS to PPC AND even more things.

This means, in my head at least, that the porting of OS3.9, plus updating to 4.0, WILL take time. "back in the days" of Commodore, there where likely a larger number of people which ONLY worked with the OS, and since the OS was only to be run on a set hardwarespecification, they didn't have to bother with portability. Which Hyperion needs todo.

And, just to repeat myself from another board, I rather have a "bugfree" (or at least, very minor bugs only) system/piece of software/game than having to update it every 3 days or so...... (a certain huge company's OS springs to mind)
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