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all I did was look at my email message about someone had posted in it and saw it was you Mikey_C and thought ah well why not, I expected you to say something like Amen or something...

instead I get this? You're kidding right?

I guess your path lies in another direction if you're being serious, the only thing I can think of is you welcome the challenge of convincing others OS4 is viable... well, continue I guess...

All I'm saying is info the valid curious and ignore the people who rock the boat... we don't need them...

I'm just beating the same old drum about how tired I am of seeing perfectly good threads about Amiga issues turn to crap because people just want to rain on your parade...

take it easy Mikey_C I'm on your side believe it or not :P

and I will not be reading the next email I get... heh
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