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Promote AMIGA to a college

Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is the right place for this but here goes!

For the last couple of months i have been doing OCNW course at college including operating systems, hardware and networking (PC of course)

The Tutor that is taking the Operating systems course is an Apple Mac fan however in his early days he had an Amiga and he knows the relative question about amiga/apple processing speed vs raw power of pc processor's of today. However i think he lost the edge on current Amiga fare about 10/12 years ago, i wish to make some kind of presentation to go on a pc via winuae etc over a projector with some interactivity (video) ie some games and some applications like pro tracker / music, some art programs like dpaint and some of the finest games like megalomania etc.

I'd like to show him and the students (of course i am one of them) in say a 15 20 minute demonstration about how Amiga's used to do what they did and on so little processor speed etc! As we all know the American ethos is if it's slow throw more money at it never mind optimizing code etc like we did on Amiga!

I'd also like to throw in some kind of demo program that would have to be done on the pc with stats / bar charts etc on Amiga Vs PC of the current day!

Phew it's a biggey i know but has anyone any ideas how to put all this together i am pretty good at graphics and can handle stuff like swish (flash for idiots) and various other presentation programs!

it would be my homage to Amiga computers the owners fucked off but we are still alive n kicking!

Any ideas would be greatfully received!

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