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Here is some news of the main sever. Used Googles cache from

6 Sep 1999 - G'boing!!
It seems that eleven months between every time I update this section is what suits me most Anyways, what has changed since last october? Well, first of all, the machine has just got a new disk, the system running now is Redhat5.2 for m68k, the webserver is apache 1.3.9 with php 3.0.12, rams is using mSQL 2.0.11 and the python in use is 1.5.1 (soon to be 1.5.2). Lately I've also started experimenting with rebol, which is at 2.1.2. Rebol is also partially used for RAMS, but that's not my doing
Another significant change is the use of virtual webhosts, both RAMS and The Linux/m68k Home Pages are such virtual hosts. Perhaps we will do the same for the UAE discussion board and the ADF archive also, yet to be decided. Ah, and now I've mentioned another thing that is new, the UAE Discussion Board which is a board where users of UAE share their experience and knowledge. The board is maintained by Warlock who also is resposible for the constantly ADF archive which now features over 500 demos.

So, what's on the to-do list? Well, first of all I want a revamp of the layout of, I've been thinking about it for months, but has so far not managed to pull off anything (how typical .) Secondly I would like to get a new tower for the machine, the current PC Tower solution is somewhat messy and fragile. I've been looking around and even though it's not the technically most advanced solution, I think the Infinitiv-II towers frim Micronik will be it, at least it looks good, and the pricetag isnt that scary.

Well, I think that's it for now, the next update will most likely be in august next year, august year 2000, wow time flies doesnt it?
Bye for now!
Hope this info is of use.
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