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In this area of online storage there ARE alternatives to a site carrying large files & therefore needing 100gig plus a month transfer allowance,as opposed to the useal P2P suguestions

There are number of sites that allow free upload & download of RAR & ZIP files whether the files need passwords or not.

Each have their strengths & weaknesses but all give faster download speed than personal computor based "home servers" these include:-

for files upto 50,000,000 bits in size but since you can split a file they have no LIMIT to how many parts you upload but downloaders are limited to 1 FREE hi-speed download per hour.

It dosent matter if the files have 100,000 downloads they will stay live & there is NO restriction to many gigs of files one user uploads to them.

BUT unless the file is downloaded at least once every 30 days it goes dead unless the uploader holds an account with them then its 90 days before deletion

Filecloud which allows users to create a free 25mb storage account per e-mail address
dowmloaders are restricted to wait on a clock {useally under an hour} fror a downloader with a one file per downloader on free accounts at a time....While this might seem nothing to PC users the smaller size of Amiga files could make this option workable.

Megaupload which allows free files up to 250mb {it could be changing} again for downloaders a waiting clock but the download speed is actually megaslow
seldom rising over 40kbs even with much higher speed download capacity

If any of this is of use to this thread or other EAB users want more information to this area of file distribution I am more than happy to produce a thread with link's & user guides
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