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dlfrsilver, We recieved a submission from you, unfortunately we cant accept it, reasons:

1. As stated in the submit rules on our page, we ONLY accept either "partials" (which means only ONE level) or "full" (which means a recording from stage 1 till the last one) recordings. You have submitted none of those, we only recieved "mission 8: phase 2-4".
2. When uploading files, you should put all the files in one folder and upload that folder (also mentioned in the submit rules). You have uploaded an empty folder and the files outside that folder.
3. Only 2 files are required, the game.avi and the game.txt. The txt is vital cause it needs to be filled with the required info, like the game you recorded, your name and a comment. You only submitted the .avi file.

If your idea was to upload all the parts as they are completed, please dont. Only upload the finished movie, not segments.

Anyway, the little recording you sent looked good, you played very well and we hope to see the full recording soon.
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