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This board NEEDs informed opinions DoctorQ and your assitance across the many threads you have posted in has been invaluable to a large number of this sites regular vistors.

I defend your RIGHT to state that too many enquiries are made because people are eiether too lazy to use the COMMON search engines YAHOO, GOOGLE etc to find theri answer or havent bothered to look at the "READ ME " files included in most Amiga software.

For most of us who were with this machine from its begining we were involved in a learning curve, that meant "We did not expect" software to be simply single eazy settings , because with the Amiga OS we were able to tailor so many things to our preferences, thats what attracted us to stay with it customisation.

New users have been enroled from M$,s myth of "Plug & Play" and are clueless where to look for the information we took as part of the package to be explored .

In short I,m saying I agree with your stance on this subject and understand your anger, and as you personaly know have previously complained over things that wound me up as well, so there is room here for a wide range of opinion as LONG as its about Amiga & not personalities
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