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Good to see Hyperion+Eyetech still taking this project seriously while so far not re-committing the 'mistakes' of the past.
( Apart from trying to make money out of the Amiga platform )

'Best of luck to both...

Speaking for myself:
I would love to see a version of Os4 running on Mac hardware......

So far my exposure to AmigaOS is limited to the various emulators. At last I'm very tempted to invest in some hardware. ( Lots of software already bought ) But as a hobby user I'd be more interested in more powerful and up to date hardware that will easily run an Os other than AmigaOS. ( Never been able to get my head round Linux )

I know the reasons why not:
Piracy - the Various A1 boards make a good 'dongle'. Also how does Eyetech make money on Mac boxes?
How about a u-boot pci board or USB stick to go along with a Mac/generic PPC version of the OS?

Resources - Hyperion is a small company and can't support many hardware variants.
How about specified boxes + gfx + sound cards? - Largely the case now.

Money - Hyperion+Eyetech can only hope to turn a profit by selling to embedded markets, so their current OS/hardware are spot on. We should all be grateful that they are making any effort to produce a viable desktop variant.
Ah-well I can hope.

Sorry verbal diarrhoea again.

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