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Found this thread while I was looking for a way to extract the nice whdload updates from KG.

Unlzx doesn't want to run the *.* or *.lzx input and running each file name is a bit to bothersome imo. Unlzx:
otoh is the official PC port, and doesn’t need any other plugins or programs

The solution is a simple cmd “script” that takes every lzx fil in a directory and extracts them. Unlzx must be available, either in the dir or in a global path.

for %X IN (*.lzx) DO unlzx -x %X
Unfortunately there still are some problems with file naming on the PC when the path compressed has amiga only characters like ‘*’ and unlzx reports CRC bad on some files. I’m not sure if those files a correct on the amiga. At least it reports.. so the files can be checked.

Hope it's of some use.

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