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Well, I have been liasing with Jon Hare over the last few months and talking to him about his infamous game that never was, "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll”. The game never saw the light of day and those who have tried to get information in the past on the game have failed. Absolutely nothing of this game has ever been seen before.

Well here’s the deal:

1) Jon is going to write an article on the game for Retro Fusion Issue 0 – yes the magazine you get free if you come to the Retro Ball. The article will be littered with screen shots of the cut-scenes within the game and will be an insight into the inspiration behind the game and where it all went wrong!!

2) Jon is going to showcase videos of the game cut scenes to those who come to the Retro Ball. The music accompanying the cut scenes will be played for all to hear (the music was composed by Jon and Richard Joseph). The videos will played on large projector screen and Jon will talk about what you will be seeing.

These videos have NEVER been seen by the public before – this is an exclusive!!!!

3) It is planned that the music for Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll will be available for purchase at The Retro Ball on CD.

4) Hopefully Richard Joseph will be attending the event as well.

Exclusive or what!!!!!
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