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okay.. where can i find the resent "BEST" version then?

should i use SFS on all partition or only on the "BIG" one?

I'm going to use this one ;-)

Now i have konverted a partition to SFS , but the SFSsalve or what it is called think it's 2gb , but it's 6gb , wb and partition magic says 6gb, WHY!?

Wopps.. my Workbench did go "BOOM" ;-)
no I'm standing here on an empty disk ;-)

so SFS is the only way to go NOW

SFS can't report correct size?

what is ndspatch?

The SFSSalve program reports wrong size on the HD, i SFS a Joke or what?
i have to have parttions smaller then 4gb to se corret size, but hey the program says it will support over 4gb drives?


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