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Originally Posted by thomas
You didn't try ReOrg on any of these partitions above the 4GB border, did you ?

The 4GB border is fixed on the HDD, no matter how small or big the partitions are. ReOrg can only access the first 4GB of the HDD. If you try to write to anything outside, it will destroy data inside the first 4GB.

You should really be very careful with what you do. Better keep your fingers off all those low-level disk accesses. Run AmigaDOS and programs using files only, do not try to defrag or repair anything and do not use partitons for emulators. Your data will be pleased.


i though it was 4gb max partition, not that over 4gb on the "harddrive" , better stopp messing with it.. at least the Workbench partition can be reorg
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