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Wandered into the local Gamestation today and had a look around the retro stuff. They've got the usual selection - A600s with keys missing for £10, brown C64-Cs for £10, a vast selection of Mega Drive sports games that no-one in their right mind would ever buy, overpriced SNES games and a selection of exotic hardware (Turbographix, Vectrex, etc) in the glass display cabinets. I nearly bought another Lynx-II, but noticed that the screen was scratched so I put it back.

Anyway, on the way out I noticed the GP32 BLU that's been sat behind the counter for a while. They'd moved it to the front of the counter and chopped a massive £90 off the price. Yep, I got me a BLU for £30. It was the last one in the shop, and it turns out that it's the one that the cashiers have been playing (it was a bit grubby, but I've cleaned it up). The stick is actually OK on this model, and the screen is a huge improvement on the original GP32.

The shop assistant told me that they'd knocked all of their stock down to £30, and it had sold out in about 4 days. So, if you fancy getting a GP32 before they GP2x comes out at the end of this month, it might be worth nipping down to your local Gamestation to see if they've got any left.
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