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It's finally online! Recorded Amiga Games!

Yet another website devoted to the legendary Amiga! Here you will you find "time attacks / speedruns" videos of Amiga games.

Ok, most of you have heard of "speed runs" or "time attack" movies. There are several sites out there with nes, snes, psx, msx etc recorded "speed run/time attack" movies, but NONE of them has any of Amiga games. This site will only have Amiga recordings.

For those of you who don't know what this is, it's like a competition. People tries to complete a chosen game as fast as they possibly can while recording it. That's what this new site is all about. People will create these kind of movies and submit them.

We have already submitted a few movies you can watch for yourself to see what its all about!.

The staff of RAG.
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