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As you can see, i received your email Paul
Originally posted by Paul (The Green Amiga Alien)
I was wondering if there is any news of a new version of the excellent Winfellow or is it still being developed?
Alas, there isn't much news to report in regard to a new version. The only news is that a new release isn't planned. As RetroMan and 7-Zark-7 already have mentioned, real life and job have taken over lately. The project isn't dead, but it is stalled bigtime.
Originally posted by RetroMan
...... anyway, they will continue, I´m pretty sure
You betja!
I hope to do some work on the website, since it needs an update. If there is news to report about a new release, i will post it at this board.

This is a great board! Keep up to good work!

P.S.: Paul, I'll try to get the American mirror back online this evening and thanks for emailing me.

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