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As you can see, i received your email Paul
Originally posted by Paul (The Green Amiga Alien)
I was wondering if there is any news of a new version of the excellent Winfellow or is it still being developed?
Alas, there isn't much news to report in regard to a new version. The only news is that a new release isn't planned. As RetroMan and 7-Zark-7 already have mentioned, real life and job have taken over lately. The project isn't dead, but it is stalled bigtime.
Originally posted by RetroMan
...... anyway, they will continue, Im pretty sure
You betja!
I hope to do some work on the website, since it needs an update. If there is news to report about a new release, i will post it at this board.

This is a great board! Keep up to good work!

P.S.: Paul, I'll try to get the American mirror back online this evening and thanks for emailing me.

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