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how lucky ?

My mate has got to be the luckiest git around!!

He went to visit his cousin yesterday and it so happens that he was having a clear out and was taking a load of stuff to the tip..

Amongst the 'rubbish' was an Amiga 1200 with a 68030 accelerator in it (working), A cd32 (not working) and about 20 cd32 games..

So his cousin just game them all to him for free!!!!!

(he also got a Sam Coupe but I dont know anything about those)

I wouldnt mind but my mate has already got about 3 A1200's (one with 040 accelerator and harddisk), An A3000, and about 8 A500 and a working cd32 as well..

Anyway, I think I can borrow all his cd32 games so maybe be able to zip some of em up... report later..
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