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Wink Who owns a real amiga

Yep, got 1 a500, a500+, a600 & a1200 + 030 card + 16mb ram/500mb hdd (wow). All 4 are sitting in my cupboard at the moment along with my ZX81, ZX 48k and (wait 4 it), My old Interstate that played pong and had a light gun (till it broke). My A500, A500+ & A600 all have faulty floppy drives (will be replaced eventually when this pc and my xbox dont need upgraded), but my a1200 is still in perfect working order. It gets setup every now and then for nostalgic purposes, to listen to tunes i made in MED many moons ago and watch/listen to my fav demos, joe's, 9fingers etc. Not got many games that work 100% nowadays as my mum put it in a freezin cold shed along with all my disks when i was still moving to my own house. Still, It's still my fav machine, way ahead of it's time. I used to love rubbing it right in with PC owners by firing up 9 fingers etc and saying can ur (Pish Computer - P.C.) do that then? naw - well get it up ye ).

Amiga will alwayz rule.

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