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Problem with installation - Help!!

Hi there,

just installed AmigaSYS 2.0 onto my Windows 2000. Worked well until I got to "Update3.9". First and Second Step did not seem a problem, but after the third step, although he told me that everything had been successful and that I only needed to reboot - after that, Amiga does not come up anymore. I get a boot screen telling me:

AMIGA ROM Operating System and Libraries
Copyright ...
All Rights ...
C:LoadMonDrvs: Unknown Command

He then continues by opening an error message saying:

Can't load font diamond.font

If I click away the error messages, I finally arrive at a f*ked up screen looking something like a very basic Amiga. I checked my C:, and indeed the command LoadMonDrvs is not there.

Can someone help me? Do I have to re-install the whole thing? What did I do wrong, and how can I avoid it happening again??


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