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Just dredging up an old post.

I'm contemplating getting one of these now rather than a DS or PSP as I don't really have any interest in playing high graphical games as they are all now 3D and more suited to being played on a desktop.

Does anyone here have a GP32 or GP2X?
I've got a GP32 and pre-ordered a GP2X.

Originally Posted by ant512
I considered pre-ordering a GP2x, but decided to wait and see if they've fixed the godawful joystick first. I tried using my GP32 for the first time in ages recently, and gave up after about 10 minutes. The joyless joystick ruins the whole experience.
You really should fix that, not hard to do.

Mine has been perfect ever since, was a little hard to hit diagonals properly before, the GP2X will have a different joystick though.

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