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(ot) Shooter Maker 95

It's a little off-topic, but it has something to do with gaming, If the mods think it better to be at the Off-Topic forum, just move the thread.

In 95, Ascii (The creators of RPG Maker, Fighter Maker, the MSX computer and that great game Retroman have been playing lately, The Castle) published a little gem util called "Shooter Maker", that, as you can guess, can be used to make shooters games (or shmups, as we like to call them)

Problem is that it was only officially released in Japan, and only in Japanese..

I've found a version of it, but I just can't read anything in that version, and using it is impossible...

Do u guys have any info/sites/tips/tutorial , anything that is Shooter Maker related?

I know that a guy is translating it to Spanish, and I found a few sites about it, but they all gave me a 404 error... and by the descriptions I readed in some sites, maybe an english version already exists...

Any help is much appreciated
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