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MakeCD and FastAta ?

Hi all. One more strange question Some time ago i was use MakeCD (witchout FastAta, just plain amiga's ide). And it was work fine for me. So, now, i am already have fast ata, and want to burn some stuff witch MakeCD.

Run it, press 'settings', and press little button 'change drive' (it is two the same buttons, for reading and for writing drivers). So, and have Suspend/Reboot window. Snoopdos said:

Count Process Name Action Target Name Options Res.
----- ------------ ------ ----------- ------- ----
1 MakeCD Lock env:Triton Read Fail
2 MakeCD OpenFont xen_WIN.font Size 11 OK
3 MakeCD GetVar MAKECD_NO_NSD Any Fail
4 MakeCD ToolType MAKECD_NO_NSD Fail
5 MakeCD OpenDev MediatorNET.device Unit 0 OK
6 MakeCD FindSem NSDPatch (8.3.2002) OK
7 MakeCD OpenDev MediatorNET.device Unit 1 Fail
8 MakeCD FindSem NSDPatch (8.3.2002) OK
9 MakeCD OpenDev MediatorNET.device Unit 2 Fail
10 MakeCD FindSem NSDPatch (8.3.2002) OK
11 MakeCD OpenDev MediatorNET.device Unit 3 Fail
12 MakeCD FindSem NSDPatch (8.3.2002) OK
13 MakeCD OpenDev MediatorNET.device Unit 4 OK
14 MakeCD FindSem NSDPatch (8.3.2002) OK

But i do not understand, what is the doing here MediatorNET.device ?

EDIT: if i remove MediatorNet.device and off my network, makecd work fine well, i think is it not a makecvd problem ..

EDIT2: its suxx, but i slideback of MediatorNet.Device from 2.8 version to 2.4 , and makecd work fine ! Try to talk with elbox ..

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