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I'm a registered whdload user since years (11/08/00) and I'm verry happy to use whdload games in the HD of my real amiga.

I'm verry happy to see the exact original and complete data work containing in original floppy disk from old amiga games saved forever and could be used.

lots of work from mans in amiga companies don't diseapeared caused just by floppy life. all their work are saved forever now and It's great.

the other little annoying thing when reading whdload site is for some special long awaiting games I would like to see again, keep their stage of 98% since months ;-) ARGH !!!

for me installs makers are gods with skill to do the whdload install job and I'm verry happy to know some of them by using their work. thanks to all of them actual and past.

making the same poll for the most waiting installs all would like to see from cfou, codetapper, psygore,... could be fun !!! ghost'n'goblins, lollypop and some others of course from me

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