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Ya' like it Retr0?
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You tell 'em how it is Woody57!!!

lol, you know many moons ago in its infancy WHDload was some what poor and to be honest adf's were the best way to go (especialy when they brought that patch out for dopus)

but i have to admit since rebuilding a couple of miggy's this year WHD is pretty darn impressive.. nearly 4Gig of games playable in one big splat on a disk!! infact that smarty i want to register it,. hmmm may even do it this afternoon.....

not because of the nag screen and to be honest not because of the authors, the reason i will register it is simple ....

i dont have to swap disks in and out or sit there and install disk after disk (got a DVD full of WHD games) and if i need to i have 3 DVD's of ADF's
(i think its the whole TOSEC library lol) so best of both worlds *ahem*

well theres my 5 pence....

another piece of software often over looked is SnoopDos... damn... i wouldn`t even know where to begin if i didn`t have that....
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