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hmmmm imma thinking you need three peeps in each catagory i.e three coders, three script writers /editors, three musicians and 3 artists and finally a consortium of producers that have a final say.

no person can have any more than one role. and the first job of the ruling consortium is what type of game ie. platform, rpg etc. and then onto assigning roles from willing *victims* ahem i mean members.

I would be happy to help out in any of the four primarys (scripting / writer, artist, coding and musician )

perhaps a poll or few to assend some of the peoples that are willing to say share a few hours a week into the producing / directing level to then follow onto the next phases etc.

hmmm sounds yummy and i cant wait to do it all ready...

EAB (its of the game) *hehe* i couldn`t help that....

I would say lets bring it on!!!!! i thinks we need a dedicated sign up thread those that wanna contrib (with amount of hours say upto 9 that they could donate to the project) this will be good in assertaining those that are better commited this doesn`t rule out those that have nothing better to do, after all there are concepts that need to be implaced in code, music, script everything...

damn it marco.... now you got my brain buzzing!!!!!

see how you are DPainter!!!!! its your fault too...
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