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Oddbod, sounds like what is causing the problem, but am not sure how to verify this.

Thanx Keropi. The originals would be great. I had a german version I downloaded from a place I cannot remember. I use to be able to bring up setup via dosbox, but now the screen stalls in setup menu after you select language.

Turrican PC looks great and scrolling is just as smooth as on the old A500. More detail, altough purists will complain that the sprite has been bastardised. But I like the idea of being able to switch between study and playing games on the one PC. Hopefully windows ME will prove to be better than XP for MY OWN purposes. Screen shots and all things Turrican are available at:

For the benefit of anyone else wanting to play t2 PC natively, here is what I learned:

download t2pc here:

The download avaliable at the underdogs is in english, but has no setup option (don't know why). t2.exe results in the same freezing problem described above, but using turrican.exe loads a hacked version that works great (at least graphically, cannot try the sound until my new retro system with ISA slots is built) (hacked PC game? Amiga influencing the PC scene?!?).

To play the game you need to be in real/pure dos mode. I followed these instructions, courtesy of Frank Charlton at MaxPc:

Customise the Exit to DOS shortcut
Gain greater control over your real DOS sessions by refining this tiny file. Since this shortcut doesn't exist by default, you need to create it. Select Restart in MS-DOS mode from the shut-down dialog. When DOS loads, type EXIT to return to Windows and force the shortcut's creation. Find the file called Exit To DOS.pif in your Windows folder. This is a DOS Program Information File, and double-clicking it will unload Windows and start a DOS session. To edit it, right-click it and select Properties. Click the Advanced button, then Specify a new MS-DOS configuration and edit the copies of Autoexec.bat and Config.sys.You can add your drivers here with no impact on Windows' performance.

I deleted EVERYTHING in the config.sys window, but apparently I should have left himem.sys in there (and added a soundcard if one was available). Send the exit to dos shortcut to desktop for convenience (you may want to make a copy of the original before creating your own). Note that this technique is applicable to dos gaming in win98 in general, and the rest of the article describes dual win / dos setups that work great if you want one PCI or AGP video card for windows 98/ME, and an old pci or isa video card for dos gaming, for example. If you are using windows ME (as I intend to soon), a patch is available for pure dos mode:

Please add anything that might help others in running dos games natively. So much info is on playing dos games in dosbox, and little for new users wanting to play dos games natively.

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