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Originally Posted by marco pedrana
hei DPainter, do you have any advice about workin on the IFF palettes between PC and Amiga? trasparent colours etc. also do you use some similar program on PC these days?
i had found a couple, but they are either discontinued or not perfect for what i inted to do:
I actually use the PC DOS version of Deluxe Paint II Enhanced. It works fine under Windows XP although I sometimes have to terminate the task to close it. I was able to find it as "abandonware" on the web.

I also liked ArtGem but it is discontinued shareware so you'd have to find a reg code to use it after 30 days.

Haven't tried Cosmigo Pro Motion but it looks very DPainty, although it isn't free.

I don't have specific recommendations for IFF/PC conversion except ULEAD has a GIF Animator that features a color cycling utility which I think they must have designed for converting cycled IFF pics. It ships with PhotoImpact which is like a poor man's PhotoShop.

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