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Never got to try a ZipStick or a Comp. Pro, but I can say I've never been disappointed with my Wico Command Control bat-handle, or my Suncom TAC-2 (got two of the latter). I do sorely miss my MegaDrive.. er, GENESIS (so used to calling it by the original name.. "Genesis" just seems awkward now..) 3-button Arcade Power Stick.. was fairly comfortable with the wrist-rest to the left of the joystick. Also, the TAC-2 used neither leaf or micro switches. It had a contact area for a metal ball on the bottom of the handle to create a complete circuit for directions last I looked (yeah, I have a habit of taking thigns apart and puttin' em back together).

For whoever was talking about the joystick shaped like the Phaser from StarTrek, that was actually Atari's own "Space-Age Joystick" for their ProLine series.
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