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Hey Keropi, no long time. I been buying up hardware but am just getting round' to putting a system together now. I still have that Yamaha SW20 card but have yet to install it.

Could you use some advice. I am putting together a P2 400Mhx LX based system running windows ME for school and older gaming. I have an LAPC, SCC1, Tseng ET6000pci or Matrox G450, and a pair of Righteous Orchids Voodoo 2 Sli'd with max memory.

I have enough bits and pieces to put together a Pentium 133 system OR a 486/5x86 system. Have some SB16's coming and an isa card for a competetion pro joystick. This systewm would be for T2PC and Ultima underworld and a few others. But if I can run those games on a P2 based system it would be better, since I can my main apps on the P2 and USB is handy for connectors. Any thoughts?

Does T2PC work with a vesa compatible PCI grfx card or must it be ISA/VLB?

Oddbod, I too experienced difficulties getting T2pc running on my LCD screened notebook, but may go the legacy hardware route to experience the proper sound from the better ISA cards available (LAPC or GUS).

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