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Genlock connected


Originally Posted by amiga
What's the purpose of that 'Genlock connected' option
in the Chipset panel ??
This switch is only for backward compatibility, because WinUAE 1.0
and the older versions pretended to have a Genlock connected.
There is a detection function, which is executed at boottime from
the Kickstart and which prevented that WinUAE could load most of
the monitor drivers successfully. These monitor drivers like Euro36
for example have a flag internally DI_AVAIL_NOTWITHGENLOCK.
Since v1.1, WinUAE now disables this faked Genlock by default.

Thus, you are able to play with some programmable monitor drivers
like Euro36, now. To get a screensize of 720x600 you can use:
DEVS:Monitors/EURO36 MINROW=0x10 TOTROWS=0x140
PatchOverscan ID=79000 O=M -40 0 679 299
and adjust the Euro36 Overscan Preferences accordingly.
Make sure to set "Horizontal Centering" and "Vertical Centering".

It's on your own risk to try these settings with a real Amiga,
because it may happen, that your monitor runs out of sync <50Hz !

But I did not have any problems on my old A2000, except flickering


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