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New member here. This seems like a good thread to introduce myself...

I acquired an A500 (1MB) in '89 after pursuading my parents I needed one for college. Of course I just played games on it, with Giana Sisters being one of my favourites (also on the C64). I didn't really know anyone else with an Amiga, and like most students I was always skint so I gradually grew tired of my limited software collection (good as they were, there's only so many times you can play the same games). Then I got hold of Octamed on a magazine coverdisk, and that was it, that's all I ever used (along with a sampler and Audiomaster II that I got from another coverdisk). I was always running out of RAM for the samples, but this restriction forced me to be more creative! I carried on making tunes/remixes in Octamed until one day my monitor gave out a loud crack, and it died. My Amiga days were I thought.

I recently got hold of a nice clean A600. It's so dinky! Actually, it's small footprint is ideal for use alongside my other computer(s). So, I'm just getting back into the Amiga and looking forward to discovering a load of 'new' software, that I missed the first time round!
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