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Legal status

Originally Posted by NLS
a simple question

Since you make a "live" version based on knoppix, why don't you go all the way and make it able to use a (pc) ramdisk? (like MiniPE-XT for example as "I heard")

I find it stupid to have to use disk partiton on stand-alone CD system, now with the huge RAM everybody has, esp. if you don't need to SAVE anything for later (just play a game or something).

Think about it for AmigaSYS3...

If the workbench availability is the problem then just make the user accept that he has a valid workbench and throw responsibility on him.
a 'simple' answer

I'm not quite sure what the legal status of this "MiniPE-XT" is. It's prolly not legal to distr. any version of Windows is it? Secondly, the way I build this whole koppix-like setup, everything is perfectly legal and people can get it up without much problems (in my oppinion). Suggestions or questions are allways welcome, as long as you try to come up with a reasonable solution yourself.

(aka Niels)

PS: It's intended for virtual-(portable)-amiga use, not only for retro gamers!
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