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I was pleasantly surprised to find Fallout, Thief 2, Ultima Underworld and System Shock 2 in the list. Not only that, but Deus Ex is rated higher than Half Life, which is unusual (and correct). Normally Half Life is put in the top 10 per default, but not this time!

These facts alone do not make a good list however, it contains one contradiction after the other. They put Dune 2 in the list and higher than Red Alert or Age Of Empires 2 because it "established the model that nearly all RTS games have followed ever since".

Okay, I can respect that. But why the hell is Civilization 2 in the top 10, and not Civ 1? Populous? Sim City 1? Mortal Kombat even?

One thing that made me laugh out loud was that StarCraft is high up in the list while Diablo/Diablo 2, or better yet Warcraft 2, are completely missing.
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