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OS3.9 Causing CD ROM Driver Probs

Evening all,

After encountering problems with another drive I last night plonked a new one in my machine.

I loaded up the HDToolbox package that comes with the A4000 (I have an A1200, but a friend did me a copy), partitioned my drive, and installed WB3.0.

With 3.0 installed I then installed EIDE'99 and Alleogro CDFS. With the CDROM drivers installed, I then installed OS3.9 from CD.

Anyway, the problem is that even though I chose NOT to install the CDROM drivers from 3.9 they've messed up the drivers I already had up and running on there. Re-installing the drivers doesn't help.

I remember a year or so back I had to manually delete files, and possibly edit some scripts before re-installing the drivers, to get my CDROM working again. However, I can't for the life of me remember what I did.

Can anyone either let me know what I need to do to get the CDROM drive up and running again, or point me in the direction of some instructions.

Many thanks!


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