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Ok, I have decided. As there will be alot of problems due to the different loading times between levels and stuff, which makes it hard to cut and finalise a movie, I have therfore decided to base the page on partial recordings instead. With partial recordings I mean just one level of a game.

So... people will be able to compete on game levels to see which player is the fastest.

For example; I have uploaded my speedrecording of stage 1 of Quik and Silva. Completed it in 00.02.33 mins (2mins 33sec). Now I'll wait for someone to upload their speedrecording of the same level to see if they can beat my time. Of course, there will be alot of one level recordings from many games. Full recordings will also be acceptable (full recordings is from level 1 to final level).

A highscore will be added soon so people can see who's the current and fastest player in the uploaded games.

The site will be available to the public in about a week.

Any suggestions?... please comment.
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