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Well this is what I have decided to do.

1) Change GameBaseAMY from games to a Demo frontend. I'm keeping the name GameBaseAMY for this project. It probably maked more sense using this name for Demos rather than Games anyway. Since the 'mascot' is Amy the Squirrel from Eric Schwartz fame.
2) Create a new project, probably just called GameBaseAmiga for the games frontend. Suggestions for a new project name are welcome. Maybe one for commercial games and one for PD games?
3) New website called CAFE (Commodore Amiga Front Ends) to house all present and future projects.

Most of my effort will be going into the Demo frontend rather than the games, at least between now and Xmas. However I will keep a limited project running for games, both commercial and public domain. Depending on how the Demo fontend goes, and how 'Lemonade' turns out, I will then switch my attention back to games after Xmas.

I'm still fine tuning the rules but preference will most likely go to these file types in this order. WHDLoad files first, followed by ADF's (where WHDLoad files don't exist) and then executables where ADFs don't exist.
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