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Should GameBaseAMY be pronounced dead?

As many of you know, GBA took a turn for the worse when I lost all my work due to a breakin and the senseless descruction of my backup DVDs. I decided to take a break and have just come back from a month in Thailand

So I though I better catch up on the latest and what do I see? Lemonade!?!? A frontend for WinUAE. I must admit it looks good, at least from the screenshots.

It does many of the things I wanted to do, but not all. Of course it's a first version so who knows where it will go.

Basically I'm now wondering whether it's worth continuing, or more to the point re-starting, GameBaseAMY? What do people think? Is there room for 2 frontends? GBA promises to be more flexible, thanks to the GameBase universal frontend, but Lemonade definately looks better and of coded especially for WinUAE. Lemonade also has the advantage of being linked directly to on online database (although it is only the LemonAmiga database). Would have been better if it was the HOL database.

Maybe I should scrap GBA for commercial games and do a frontend for PD games, demos, applications or something else.

Anyway all thoughts are welcome. Basically I don't wont to be putting time into a project that no-one will use. I'm seriously thinking of doing a Demo frontend instead.
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