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As some of you may have read I'm making custom HDF installs for the various WinUAE frontends (if they wanna support them.. Lemonade is confirmed)

Anyway I have changed the method I used from requesters that ask what options you want to enable/disable to the follwoing gui


Here are a couple of screenshots of the WHD gui in action!

This first screenshot is from Alien Breed 3D II - TKG (2Mb ver)

You'll notice the various buttons.. the buttons descriptions will change depending on the game and the options offered by the slave (Trainers etc..)

Here there are 3 (out of 5) options offered by the slave (Trainer, Joypad support and Skip Intro). also if a button/command isn't supported by a slave it'll be shaded out.

Also on the left you'll notice a button is shaded out (below View Cheatmode). This button is for support of games which have a 2nd slave (Superfrog for example)

The 2nd slave in Superfrog will play the intro, looking at the screenshot for Superfrog you'll see the button has been renamed and the buttons on the right that are not used are shaded

The view cheat and manual buttons shade/unshade depending on whether there is a manual or cheat file supplied.. if there is pressing these buttons will launch PPMore to view

Anyway any suggestions/ideas/improvements please let me know

Also anyone wanting to test a few games also PM me and I'll sort it out
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