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Originally Posted by Figi
Matt Grey [System3] for his Last Ninja 2 Soundtrack. The only soundtrack I not only recorded in it's entire length on tape (and, later, burned on CD), but still listen to quite often. Although I listen to the Turrican CD from Hülsbeck a lot, too, but that's not "original" C64 SID music, but spiced up MIDI stuff.
Very much agree on Last Ninja's 2 music man deed's. The entire triology was superb music-wise, but I always thought LN2's music was a little bit underrated compared to the praise of Last Ninja's & LN3's musicians. Don't get me wrong all 3 games were great,(to superb in parts), but well remember how LN2's efforts more often than not matched the atmosphere of each level.

Also can't neglect mentioning Martin Galway's C64 efforts as always being top notch in numerous games (Times of Lore still my personal fave of those), & though in more latter day games The Maniacs of Noise certainly made an impact too.
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