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I liked the CPC, there's some nice things in common with the MSX, like crap Spectrum ports, and "lack of smooth scroll", even when there a few games that does it..

I also liked to see some of my fav spanish games (mainly from Topo Soft) with many colours on screen, instead of the crap Spectrum gfx (Stardust, Titanic, West Bank, Mad Mix 1 & 2, just to name a few)

that isometric game is probably Knight's Lore... I don't like the MSX version too much..

that bouncing game maybe is "Brainstorm"? It's from Loriciels, and it has a bouncing ball, but I didn't understood what I had to do in that game... (And yeah, I've only seen it on the CPC)

About some games you guys recommended:

Bruce Lee (!) - The best version I've ever played!
Yie Ar Kung Fu - I think the C64 version is MUCH better.. the sequel SUCKS BAD in the CPC
Turrican - It only scrolls when you are too close to the edge of the screen, making the game too damn hard. Still good.
Ghouls'n Ghosts - Good conversion.. it could've been better, but it's very good the way it is.
Army Moves - Indeed a very good version of it.

Games I liked and no one recommended...

Astro Marine Corps - The Spectrum version looks less 'blurred', but the gameplay is intact (that's my fav speccy game ever!)
Konami's Ping-Pong - Not as fast as the MSX version, but at least is faster than the emulated PSX version
Mad Mix 1 & 2 - I LOVE those games on the Speccy, and this colorfull CPC version made me smile
Silkworm - Great conversion
Prince of Persia -
Power Drift - The best home version of this great arcade game. Of course, it's still eons away from the original, but at least this one is playable and fun, unlike all the others versions.

I'll download all those games you recommended later
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