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Sir Godber
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Cool Moonstone Tavern - webspace needed!

Hiya all,

Regular visitors to my Moonstone Tavern ( may have noticed that the forum has recently gone down. Unfortunately ClassicGaming/GameSpy (who host my site) donít support CGI anymore, meaning my Ikonboard has disappeared into the Internet dustbin.

Classicgaming have promised to install some great new forum software but it won't be available until late 2006. In the meantime, Iíd like the get the old forum running again and import all the old posts so important projects like a Flash-based remake of Moonstone can continue apace.

Iíve spent a lot of time trying to investigate free hosts, but theyíve all been rubbish. I also considered buying some webspace but without wanting to sound stingy it costs £25ish a year and I canít really afford that (sad, eh?) considering there are only a few forum regulars and Iíve just entered the real world of mortgages and misery.

SoÖdo any Moonstone/Amiga/Retro Gaming fans have any webspace (around 30 megs) that supports CGI they would be willing to lend me for the next 12 months or so?

Any kind souls please give me a shout at Cheers!
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