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Help wanted for new Amiga shoot-em-up!

Yep, I'm currently writing a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up called Annihilation, for AGA Amigas. I really need some help on the graphics/music/sfx side of things though, as I'm fairly useless at this. I will upload a work-in-progress demo to the zone soon (though it is a very early demo).

It is AGA-only because it uses two 16-colour bitmaps in dual-playfield mode. Your ship is a 3-colour sprite which is unfortunate because I thought I could use a 15-colour sprite in Blitz, so it is a bit limiting.

As you will see the graphics are dreadful (though I didn't do them all), and the sfx are rather uninspired. Hopefully this will change though!

I know posts like this crop up occasionally, and I suppose most projects never get finished, but since I've done 2 games already I do know the amount of work that needs to go in to a game to complete it.

I did a post like this last year for a platform game I was writing called Diamond Kingdoms. I did finish this in the end, though without any help, as someone emailed me saying they were interested, but after a few weeks I couldn't get in touch with them again. So I did most of the graphics myself (except the enemies which I took from another game!) A demo version should appear on Aminet soon, with any luck. (Within a day or so.)

Please check Annihilation out, and any constructive criticism would be appreciated as well - the game's at a fairly early stage (and not entirely bug-free!) so if anyone's got any good ideas I could probably implement them.

If anyone is interested in contributing graphics etc. to this game please let me know personally, or on this thread, and I'll give you more details. Thanks!
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