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Yes I know it shows the password, but that doesn't make it right to mess with it.

the security lacks a "little" of the webtracker.

the password of the guestbook can be rerieved by submitting ANY emailadress and then the full login will be emailed to the email that was submitted.

...again a very bad case of password security

the passwords go way back when I started AEN and was new to webdesigning I kept it simple. I know I should have made it more difficult but it's something I did oversee and didn't think of again (?)

What has my name as a password to do with megalomania? I used it because it's easy to remember...that's all. If I was a megalomaniac..I would have called my site GODFLESH NATION.
There's nothing behind it like you like to think....

"the dude said Godflesh used his nick as password " You knew the guy who did this crap and didn't even care to notify me?
...nice going Akira...

I used another counter before I used webtracker and I added those visits (2500?) to the new tracker (webtracker)...that explains the difference...

(look up the meening of the words "facts" and "fiction" Akira)

p.s. sorry for all the replies
//admin: corrected

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