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Originally Posted by Figi
Matt Grey [System3] for his Last Ninja 2 Soundtrack. The only soundtrack I not only recorded in it's entire length on tape (and, later, burned on CD), but still listen to quite often. Although I listen to the Turrican CD from Hülsbeck a lot, too, but that's not "original" C64 SID music, but spiced up MIDI stuff.
There are a couple of Tangerine Dream copies in the Last Ninja 2 music. STIL has more info. Last Ninja 2 music is very good in parts, but I don't think it has the class of Ben Daglish's music in Last Ninja.

And on the subject of Last Ninja, listen to "Legend of Kage" by Fred Gray (based on the arcade original, but Fred Gray-ised). Now listen to The Palace (loader) from Last Ninja (song 4 in the SID), by Anthony Lees. Hmmm....I'm surprised nobody has ever picked up on it before (Legend of Kage came first, by the way).

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