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Originally Posted by StarEye
The game looks astonishingly like Kick Off 2, but better! I wish this would come out for the Nintendo DS or PSP! I didn't really like Kick Off 2002, good to see you're keeping the old graphics style.
Better than KO2, impossible!
I had to switched to 3D but i tried to mantain the same GFX spirit.
Btw i'm not a GFX artist and some animations could be improved

Now, is Yoda Soccer as good a tribute to the Sensi games as this is to the Kick Off games?

I also tried something called Total soccer, appearently from 2000 or so. Very very good, reminded me of a certain Gameboy Advance game called Steven Gerrard's Total Soccer. Both Total Soccer games were commercial releases though, not fangames.
Total Soccer 2000 is a class game in my opinion.
It was something beetween Sensible and KickOff, i really liked it
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