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Rename is used to rename files and directories. Relabel is used to rename disks and other volumes. So in theory you should be able to relabel the disk from the CLI. However I've just booted up WinUAE using an A1000 configuration, with KS 1.1 and WB 1.1 and was able to relabel a disk from within Workbench. I simply selected the disk's icon (called "empty") and selected "Rename" from the Workbench drop down menu. The box came up with "empty" in it, and I clicked in the box, right arrowed to the end of the field, backspaced to erase, entered the new name and hit RETURN. Just the way you'd expect it to work, and it did. I don't know if this would be a factor at all or not, but did you boot with KS 1.1?
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