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Originally Posted by andreas
If you are still interested in trying this, I can upload my custom ADF set for you (incl. the ADOS boot disk); this will be Minix 1.5.10 with the patch applied.
Total size is roughly 4 MB (RAR'ed, full 9-disk set).

Worked perfectly! The only thing is that the system seems to be read-only throughout; that is, you cannot modify the init and other scripts in /etc, as they always get auto-reverted to their defaults, and I haven't yet found out the reason why.
Any chance you can upload the patched disks to the release?

I have the boot disk, don't need that, just the MFM disks that have been patched please.

Also how do you mount the other /usr disks

i do /etc/umount /dev/dd0
insert a new disk then do
/etc/mount /dev/dd0 /usr

but when i do 'ls -la /usr' I have problems
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