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Originally Posted by LocalH
...I find that Commodore did indeed release an A2500UX, which came with an A2620 turboboard, A2090A/ A2091 controller with harddisk, additional integrated streamer and AMIX (AT&T Unix System V). That means that AMIX isn't limited to running on an '030 (or for that matter an A3000), since the 2620 is an '020 accel with an '851 MMU and '881 FPU.
Definitely correct, my A2000HD has a 2620 in it and the board's CPU selection screen has three entries - 68000, 68020 and AMIX. The only thing stopping me from trying AMIX is that I'm not sure how to setup the HDD, presumably this would have to be done from Linux, there is a SCSI adapter in my SUSE box so no problem there, but as far as sizes, partition types etc. are concerned I'm not really sure how to proceed.
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