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Lightbulb Ja... Amiga... heres a BBC A m8, be happy

There was a fabled archemides in my High school... it had leser power than my Juiced (pimped up) A500 (1MB module) of the day.

you know i am not quite sure if they had cal-tic-ulators in primary school lol, but yes there was 1 BBC model B with all the trimmings 9600 Bps modem, Cart-slot and 8/5 Disk. it was amazing interacting with teletex via BBS (ahem yawn) my pimped Zx80 had all that and a bag of chips.. except maybe not the modem or the disk drive or the cart slot 'n only 1 chip but hey I HAD 16K RAM PACK AND THE CURRA-SPEAH UNIT!!!!!! the words (F~*k you) were heard repeatedly towards my younger brother in many bi-lingual languages including binary. *ahem* good days...

Computers in my day at school and including high school were a joke, they were still trying to force feed people BBC basic when i was 16 (would of been 1990) lucky me i got excemption from that (smart pupil me)

One thing that amused me though was the inch think lead based BNC EXPRESS carrier network. I tell yell them cables could easly put some one in hospital if ya managed to pick 'em up LOL


other schools had ACORN risc based computers... we had clockwork ones some schools even had intel PC computers but we had there empty boxes...

its okay though... what i needed i had at home..

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