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Originally Posted by bippym
Here is one game I never completed back in the day, and it seems the net doesn't have too many fansites etc

Does anyone have any tips/advice etc for playing this and any links/experiences with the game.. any background info for the programmers or any other info?
I'm surprised you didn't know this one Bippy, it was done by the ProjectX/Alien Breed developers-it received an extensive WIP in The One-can't recall if it was the WIP or reviewed game but always had a laugh where Superfrog ran into a dead end on one level where the screen fizzles into a plain white background with a pencil beside it. In a little caption it referred to the artist being bored one night & drawing the background as a joke! There were also animation frame shots of Superfrog lighting up a cigarette etc. when you left the character idle, however for P.C. reasons these were left out of the final game AFAIK.
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